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Good morning,

I’m excited to announce that this is the second issue of stackpad.

In this week’s issue, I found a lot of commerce related posts that will definitely give you an insight and better understanding how the composable architecture works behind the scenes.

Furthermore, I stumbled upon the Composable Digital Experience Manifesto, written by Dries Buytaert, co-founder of Acquia.

So, here are this week’s headlines!


Breaking Up With Your Commerce Monolith: Part
When you’re looking for a commerce platform, what’s better? Endless arrays of features available natively, or composability? Embracing a true omnichannel, digital-first strategy like McKinsey suggests requires a fundamental change in approach.

Predictive search, autocomplete, suggested queries, and
Predicting keystrokes, words, products, and phrases is one of the areas where artificial intelligence has made its mark.

Why should you be using Native Web Components?
Web components are a set of W3C standards that allow you to create reusable custom elements.

A Composable Digital Experience
An update on the evolution of Acquia’s product strategy through the lens of a Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Composable Commerce in a
This blog breaks down the fundamentals of a Composable Commerce approach, the benefits it brings to the modern eCommerce businesses, and what businesses it’s most suitable for.

The wave effect: Why B2B ecommerce needs IT voices at the
In many instances, the root cause of why ecommerce investments don’t meet organizational expectations can be traced to this: IT leaders are too often removed from the software evaluation and purchasing process, writes Arno Ham, chief product officer at Sana Commerce.

How to Build an Algolia-Powered Search and Discovery Experience on Adobe Experience
This article shows you how to add Algolia search components to your Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) front-end experience

Upcoming Events

Visually Build at Scale with and Netlify plugs into your existing tech stack and enables you to use your own components as building blocks for business teams to drag, drop and publish content without sacrificing performance or quality.

Sanity Product Day
Join us for an overview of the Sanity content platform, including a recap of our latest innovations and how you can use them to create a customized content system that drives your business forward.

Tool of the week

In this issue, tool of the week is Wireit. Wireit upgrades your npm scripts to make them smarter and more efficient.

In their latest release (v0.7.3), they added

  • Services, for orchestrating long-running scripts
  • Cascade, for more control over when scripts run
  • and a new logo



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