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Good morning,

This is my first snackable weekly newsletter that covers everything around JAMstack, Headless, DXP and MACH-Stack!

So, whether you are a pro or just a curious soul, here are this week’s headlines!


Announcing Nuxt 3.0
We are thrilled to announce the first stable version of Nuxt 3.0.0

Payload raises $4.7M for its developer-first headless CMS •
Payload is an open-source headless CMS startup. The company announced that it has raised a $4.7 million seed round led by Gradient Ventures.

Contentstack raises $80M to grow its headless CMS platform for the enterprise •
Contentstack, which is developing a headless CMS platform for enterprise customers, has raised $80 million in a venture capital round.

Tutorial: Improve Site Performance with Netlify Edge
Learn how edge functions work with your cloud provider, and how Netlify Edge Functions can address issues of performance bottlenecks and high latencies.

What is vector search? — Algolia Blog | Algolia
This blog offers an introduction to vector search and some of the technology behind it such as vector embeddings and neural networks.

Import Turborepo, Nx, and Rush monorepos with zero configuration —
Try it now by importing a new project or cloning an example project. The generated configurations will be seen when expanding the “Build and Output Settings” section. In addition, we have also shipped an Nx guide and template to help you get started quickly.

PXM is the Key to Delivering Best-In-Class Customer Experience |
In an Akeneo-commissioned Forrester study, it was found that PXM and product experience (PX) are the foundation for customer experience (CX).

12 Tips to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates | Algolia
Learn how to improve online commerce conversion rates through better on-site search and product discovery.

A guide to ecommerce replatforming: Everything you need to know |
Replatforming your ecommerce solution is a good way to modernize and meet your customers’ needs.



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